Introducing our Ins Wall Hanging Glass Planter Plant Propagation Tubes, a trendy and functional way to propagate and display your favorite plants. These hanging glass tubes are designed to create a stunning vertical garden on your walls. Each tube features a secure hook for easy hanging and a removable cork or stopper for easy plant insertion. The transparent glass allows you to observe the root development and growth process, adding a fascinating element to your home decor. Whether you choose to propagate herbs, succulents, or leafy greens, these propagation tubes provide a stylish and space-saving solution. Hang them in your kitchen, living room, or office for a unique and natural touch. Embrace the Ins style and create a beautiful green oasis with our Wall Hanging Glass Planter Plant Propagation Tubes.

Material: Wood, high borosilicate glass
Color: Clear/transparent, wood
Size: as shown
Quantity: 1pcs

Ins Wall Hanging Glass Planter Plant Propagation Tubes


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