Introducing our Hydroponic Plant Terrarium Vase, a stunning glass vase that doubles as a decorative centerpiece for your home. Crafted with high-quality glass, this vase is specifically designed to create captivating hydroponic plant displays or terrarium arrangements. Its transparent construction provides an unobstructed view of the plants and their root systems, adding a unique and visually appealing element to any space. Whether placed on a tabletop, shelf, or windowsill, this terrarium vase becomes an eye-catching focal point that showcases the beauty of nature indoors. It combines functionality and aesthetics, allowing you to cultivate and display your favorite plants in a stylish and modern way. Transform your home with our Hydroponic Plant Terrarium Vase and enjoy the serene beauty of hydroponic gardening.

Material: Bamboo & Wooden
Color: as shown
Quantity: 2 pcs
Size: 15cm, 20 cm

Hydroponic Plant Terrarium Vasevase Decoration Home Glass


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