Unleash your creativity with our Creative Mini Hydroponic Plants Flower Pot. This innovative and compact flower pot is specially designed for hydroponic gardening, allowing you to cultivate plants without the need for soil. Made with a combination of high-quality materials, it provides a sturdy and durable structure for your plants to thrive. The transparent design offers a clear view of the roots and water levels, creating an intriguing and visually appealing display. Its compact size makes it perfect for small spaces such as windowsills, countertops, or office desks. Whether you choose to grow herbs, succulents, or flowering plants, this mini hydroponic flower pot adds a touch of elegance and freshness to your indoor environment. Unlock the potential of hydroponic gardening with our Creative Mini Hydroponic Plants Flower Pot and create a unique and captivating display of greenery in your home or office.

Material: glass
Color: Transparent
Quantity: 2pcs/set
Size: 10.5cm x 6cm

Creative Mini Hydroponic Plants Flower Pot


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